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At Sail Sihanoukville, we want you to enjoy the best possible sailing experience. That is why we went to Hobiecat to supply most of our fleet. Hobiecat catamarans are the most exciting and rewarding boats to sail in the world and we will ensure that you have the perfect boat for your ability and requirements. Hobiecats are easy to sail fast and the catamaran base allows more stability and much more space than single hulled boats of similar length. Our boats are all brand new and professionally maintained.  We have chosen 2 different sizes of Hobiecat for our fellow sailors: The “Wave” and the “Getaway”. Also available is the exciting and rewarding “CatKit”.



At 13 feet long and 7 feet wide, the Hobiecat Waves are our pocket rockets. They allow novices to learn as they are easy to sail and provide a solid platform for fast, fun sailing at up to 14 knots. They are no compromise, however, and experienced sailors can really get the best from these boats that can carry up to 3 people in comfort and safety.


At just under 17 feet long and 8 feet wide, the Hobiecat Getaway is a step up in size and performance from the Wave. They benefit from a jib sail that helps increase the sail area from 9 square metres on the Waves to 17 square metres. This is a powerful boat that will carry up to 6 people at speeds of up to 18 knots! Perfect for exploring the surrounding islands or just thrashing up and down the coast. Ours are all fitted with special wing seats that serve as backrests for comfortable sailing or as a seat in stronger winds so you can hike out and increase the leverage and keep sailing fast. Hold on!


At 10 feet long and just 4 feet wide, the Catkit is the smallest and one of the most rewarding boats in the fleet. They have a mainsail as well as a small jib for a proper sailing experience and better upwind performance. They are perfect for 1 adult or 2 kids and are enjoyed by learners and experienced sailors alike.

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